RED APPLE GALA | Make Your Mark
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EVENT PLANNING 101: Special events can put a strain on employees.  Hire an outside contractor.

The Montage Deer Valley is a magnificent setting to raise an extraordinary amount of money.

The Red Apple Gala is the Park City Education Foundation’s largest fundraiser of the year – last year bringing in almost half a million dollars.  This annual black-tie event is exciting from the first glass of champagne to the late-night after-party.

So much goes into an event of this scale. The planning starts months in advance with details like the look and feel for the event, securing volunteers (over people each year step up to help!), and procuring hundreds of silent auction items. Then the focus is on the live auction items.  These items account for most of the money raised so they have to be spectacular.

As the event gets closer the menus are chosen, the software is programmed to sell tickets, seating arrangements are made, decor and floral chosen, entertainment is booked and the event is choreographed.

Two big things will help ensure a successful event.  One is a dress rehearsal.  It is important to go through the entire program from start to finish. The second is a good auctioneer.  The auctioneer controls the vibe in the room.  They keep things exciting and most importantly they have the ability to bring in top dollar. After all, the goal of a fundraiser should never be forgotten.

The magic for me is all the behind the scenes work that, if done correctly, the guests and even the client will never see. From the final detail prep the days leading up to the event, to the underground load-in, to the wrap up.